A tried and tested model of delivery that’s proven to get results.

An essential element of our model is the induction process.  We never accept a young person without first meeting them along with their referrer to ensure that Open Cast is right for them and that they’re right for Open Cast.

By inviting potential new members to visit before joining us, they have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the environment and staff so that they feel at ease on their first few days.

During the first week, each young person has a 1:1 meeting with his or her assigned personal mentor who will help to develop an Individual Learning Plan and an Individual Support Plan.

All our programmes are tailor-made for each individual because one size does not fit all.  By ensuring that we guide each young person towards appropriate courses that meet their needs and goals AND interest them at the same time, we give young people ownership and responsibility for their own journey.

We’re there throughout the journey to support, advise and guide young people, identifying barriers and issues along the way, so that we can work towards overcoming them.  Our personal mentoring programme is key to our success.